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Areas of Practice

Civil Court


 I am committed to protecting workers who have been under-paid wages or other benefits of their employment, retaliated against for asserting their rights, subjected to harassment or wrongfully terminated.  Employees who were paid late or mis-classified can often recover fines and penalties under California law.  

Inglewood Courthouse


 Contract drafting, and litigating Breach of Contract cases, whether in the employment, real estate, consumer debt or business context, has been a pillar of my practice since the beginning.  There is often contracting cross-over with intellectual property and fraud disputes. 

Stanley Mosk Courthouse


 Divorce can be one of the most stressful times in any person's life, and can have great financial and emotional consequences, especially when minor children are involved.  I take on cases with the goal of de-escalating conflict and finding fair solutions in keeping with public policy of the State of California. 

Orange County Superior Court

Personal Injury

 Have you been injured in an automobile collision?  Slip-and-fall?  It's almost never completely an "accident."  Someone should have been more careful, and chose not to be.  Typically these cases settle before going to trial, often before even filing a lawsuit.  Most drivers, property-owners, and businesses have insurance to pay for foreseeable injury.

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service L.A.


 I have been helping migrants with valid asylum claims develop their best case to be able to stay in the country.  Even in these difficult times of anti-immigrant rules, I have been able to help many people from Indonesia and elsewhere live and work in the United States. 

small business in South Bay


  Federal law affords copyright protection to original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression.  Modern copyright springs into existence when the work is "fixed," even without registration or notification.

The age of digital reproduction and the internet has put pressure on copyright, but it is still in place, from the artist to the consumer.